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Quickpet Install Popular Programs

This utility enables you to pick from a list of select software to download and install.

Menubar File


  • Enable / disable saving downloaded software installation files
  • Choose repository
  • Increase / decrease length of time out


  • Close

Download Directory

  • Opens download directory

Clear Downloaded Packages

  • Deletes all downloaded packages in the download directory

Report Video

  • Displays Video card manufacturer, GPU name, Driver name and color depth

Menubar Support

Quickpet on web

  • Wiki page about Quickpet (web page opens in Dillo)

Menubar More Pets

Puppy Package Manager

Update Lupu PPM

  • Connect to Internet and update package list in Puppy Package Manager


Developer Module

  • Wiki page about compiling (web page opens in Dillo)


  • Post about Stardust desktop theme and widgets (web page opens in Dillo)


  • Post about Firewall status taskbar icon (web page opens in Dillo)


  • Wiki page about Java (web page opens in Dillo)


  • Wiki page about OpenOffice (web page opens in Dillo)


  • Post about Precord (web page opens in Dillo)

Snap2 Backup

  • Post about Snap2 Backup (web page opens in Dillo)


  • Post about Startmount (web page opens in Dillo)


  • Post about Sunbird (web page opens in Dillo)

Menubar SFS


  • Download and enable SFS file

SFS Support

  • Wiki page about SFS options in Quickpet (web page opens in Dillo)

Edit SFS

  • Post about Editing SFS files (web page opens in Dillo)

SFS Load

  • Post about loading and unloading SFS files on the fly (web page opens in Dillo)

Popular Pets Tab

Internet Pets Tab

Useful Pets Tab

  • VLC Media Player
  • Kompozer
  • Cinelerra
  • Java
  • Pdfedit
  • Inkscape Vector Art

SFS Get Tab

Drivers Tab

  • Test video card
  • Nvidia Drivers
  • ATI Drivers
  • Xorg High-GLX for Radeon & Intel video cards

News Tab

  • Link to Lucid Puppy News web site

Menu Location

For 5.x

Go to Menu > Setup > Setup Puppy > Quickpet Install Popular Programs

Desktop Location

Desktop Navigation

Bundled With

  • Puppy Linux 5.x

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